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The latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry have opened up a world of choice for enhancing your smile. An attractive smile can improve your self-confidence. With our cosmetic dentistry services, we can help you create the bright smile you’ve always wanted.

Oral Health

Though cosmetic dental procedures are meant mainly to improve the looks of your smile, they also help to promote overall oral health as well. A strong and straight smile is a healthy smile. If you have concerns about the appearance or overall health of your teeth, schedule an appointment today.

Create a
Beautiful Smile

With greater knowledge of health issues, people are taking better care of their teeth than ever before. As dentists, we see the results of increased attention to oral care in the improved dental health of our patients. With the dental basics taken care of, more and more people are turning their attention to improving the aesthetics of their smiles. Cosmetic dental procedures are the best way to do so. At Intercity Dental Centre, we provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry services in Thunder Bay including veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and more. All are designed to help you create a beautiful smile.

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