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Stop Hiding
Your Smile

Is your missing tooth or teeth causing you to hide your smile in moments of joy? Nothing should stop you from showing the world your feelings. Imagine being able to smile broadly without worry of showing your missing or broken tooth. With dental implants, you can. An implant will provide a way to fill in the missing gap and give you a reason to smile.

Eating Foods You
Want With Confidence

Imagine biting into a crunchy apple without worry. Or enjoying your favorite chips and snacks without the pain of a missing tooth. Dental implants can give you the confidence and healthy smile you have always wanted and allow you to live your life without the anxiety and problems caused by missing teeth. Talk to us today to learn more. 807-623-3362

Replace Missing Teeth
With Dental Implants In Thunder Bay

Replacing your missing teeth does not only improve the look of your smile, it can also stop teeth from drifting out of place, improve your speech, and allow you to eat a wider variety of foods.

Implants are one of several options for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant consists of a titanium post and a crown or replacement tooth. The post fuses to the jaw bone, acting like the root of a tooth. This permanent attachment means that implants more closely resemble your natural teeth. It also means that you will not have to deal with loose-fitting dentures or the mess of denture glue. To learn more about the dental implants process in Thunder Bay, call Intercity Dental Centre. Our team can tell you more about the procedure and schedule a preliminary appointment.

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